We build our proposition for riders based on the things they tell us they value most.

Value proposition






Our riders

We provide riders with attractive earnings opportunities combined with full flexibility over when and where to work. Our free insurance provides security, with accident and third-party liability cover globally and additional cover in many markets.

What they care about

When we speak to riders – both directly, and through their unions in the UK, France and Italy – they are clear that they want attractive earning opportunities and a flexible way to work which fits within their lifestyle. They also want protection and security against issues which may arise.

Why they matter to us

Riders are an integral participant in our three-sided marketplace. That is why we will continue to invest in improvements to our rider proposition, focusing on what riders want, while campaigning for what’s important to them – the flexible work they tell us they value.

How we engage

  • We engage with riders through dedicated engagement teams in each of our markets, with regular surveys, an in-app feedback tool and rider focus groups.
  • Riders also have access to our dedicated, live order support tool, which deals with order-related issues and is another forum for us to gather feedback.
  • We also engage with riders through trade unions in a number of markets, including in the UK, France and Italy.