Since 2013, we have built a diverse base of ~183,000 merchants.

Value proposition


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Our merchants

Access to Deliveroo’s logistics, innovations and more than seven million monthly active consumers (‘MACs’) provides merchants with new ways to grow revenues, increase brand value and maximise the profit potential from online delivery.

What they care about

Our merchants want to work with a platform that gives them the tools to reach new consumers, boost their sales and improve their bottom line. We are proud to be a key part of merchants’ growth, particularly in a challenging economic climate.

Our smaller merchants are at an earlier stage in their journey, so we provide specific support for them to digitise, develop their business plans, and go greener.

Why they matter to us

Our merchants provide the food and products that our consumers love. Without them, our customers would not have the breadth of selection and quality of products they require. Our proposition to our merchant partners – restaurants, grocers and non-food retailers – aims to provide strong incremental demand generation, an excellent consumer experience, and tools to drive profitability and grow their business.

How we engage

  • Merchant Insight and User Experience teams regularly engage with groups of merchants to receive feedback and to test our products and services.
  • We have expanded our account management capability and rebooted our onboarding processes to improve partner support through the first, critical weeks of operating with Deliveroo.
  • We have increased the level of self-service reporting available through our Partner Hub, enabling merchants to better interrogate their performance on Deliveroo.
  • We have launched the first ‘Deliver & Grow’, a new series of thought leadership publications helping merchants understand consumer trends.
  • We have held our ‘Food Forward’ Restaurant conference in October 2023, bringing together 350 merchants, providing a fantastic opportunity for them to gain insights into consumer trends and engage with industry experts and members of our Executive Team.


Editions is Deliveroo’s delivery-only kitchens concept that provides additional value to all three sides of the marketplace. Restaurant partners use Editions to bring their brands to new neighbourhoods without needing to open a new dine-in location; they also use Editions even in areas where they have a restaurant to separate and optimise their dine-in and delivery operations. Consumers enjoy the increased availability in their area of most-loved brands. And riders benefit from increased earnings opportunities, including the fact that the efficiency of the delivery-only kitchens means reduced wait-time at restaurants, increasing earnings potential.



Signature enables restaurant partners to develop their own delivery channels and engage directly with consumers

Signature enables restaurants to control their order journey – telling their story directly to consumers – while Deliveroo provides the technology to power the front-end digital presence, payments, customer service and logistics.

Kavi Thakrar, Founder, Dishoom


We opened the first Dishoom café in London in 2010. The restaurants pay loving homage to the Irani cafés that were once part of the fabric of life in Bombay. Like the Irani cafés, our restaurants are spaces where people from all walks of life can come and break bread together.

When the pandemic hit and restaurants were forced to close, we had to find new ways of bringing people together over food and drink. Working with Deliveroo, we were able to quickly find new ways of bringing a little comfort and joy to our guests, serving our menu of Bombay comfort food for delivery from our café kitchens and new delivery-only Editions kitchens.

Working with Deliveroo to launch our delivery service has not only allowed us to reach guests further afield, it has also allowed us to provide long-term job security for our team (as well as helping us to create 50 new roles in the company).

Nicolas Steiner, Founder, Yoobi


We started working with Deliveroo back in 2013 – the same year it launched its service in the UK. It’s really helped us transform and grow our business over the last eight years, with delivery sales becoming the largest part of our business now. The delivery sales we’ve made from Deliveroo have allowed us to expand our bricks and mortar restaurants across London and Paris.

The team is always on hand to advise us on how we can grow our delivery business further, so for us Deliveroo is more than just a delivery partner but a part of our team.

Oliver Ibanez, Owner, Zumu Sushi


When we first started doing delivery from Zumu Sushi, we used our own riders and had not considered partnering with Deliveroo. After a while, we realised that we were not able to manage our own rider fleet, so we decided to work with Deliveroo and make use of their world class rider network.

Deliveroo has been a really great partner to Zumu Sushi and has helped us expand across the UK, through its incredible technology and unique delivery-only kitchens concept.

Ali Jones, Customer Director, Co-op

Ali Jones, Customer Director, Co-op

We first began working with Deliveroo in 2018. It began as a small trial in Manchester, which worked so well we decided to form a long-term, strategic partnership and we now have over 550 Co-op stores available on Deliveroo across the UK.

COVID-19 has really accelerated the on-demand grocery trend, with consumers wanting quick and reliable deliveries more than ever before. Deliveroo has been great at responding to this trend and its technology allows us to easily add more stores onto the platform as we see fit.