Growth and profitability

Deliveroo’s mission is to be the definitive online food company – providing consumers with access to the food they love for each of the 21 weekly meal occasions.

We aim to achieve this by our focus on offering the best value proposition to all three sides of the marketplace: consumers, riders and restaurant and grocery partners.

Our strategy


  • Deliver a seamless order experience for all and transition from transactional to emotional
  • Consumers: enable access to extensive selection and experience for all food occasions
  • Partners: provide demand, insights and innovations that drive sustainable growth
  • Riders: offer attractive earnings with flexibility, security and opportunities for personal development
  • Employees: create an inclusive environment where our people have growth opportunities and can leave their mark; continue to grow our technology team


  • Build leading market positions (#1 or strong #2) based on hyperlocal market share
  • Expand coverage and increase penetration by growing category awareness and market share
  • Accelerate grocery offering and scale categorydefining innovations such as Editions and Plus
  • Support thriving incomes for restaurant and grocery partners and riders


  • Add new high-margin revenue streams, such as advertising
  • Create the most efficient logistics network built on hyperlocal network density
  • Generate tech-driven efficiencies in the marketplace and our own operations
  • Drive operating leverage with scale