Food delivery is a hyperlocal business. We think about our offer to consumers on a neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood level.

Value proposition

1. Availability

Being available when and where consumers want to order, to capture as many meal occasions as possible.

2. Selection

Providing access to local favourites and national chains, with exclusive content in every neighbourhood.

3. Consumer experience

Delivering a seamless end-to-end experience from in-app discovery to reliable delivery to customer care.

4. Price

Providing access to a range of food prices, fees and promotions to meet expectations of value.

5. Brand

Ultimately, consumers choose to order from Deliveroo, so what we stand for and our brand image are critical to that decision.

Our consumers

We unlock a wealth of choice for consumers, providing fast, reliable delivery of restaurant food, groceries and retail products. Our Plus subscription programme further enhances consumer value with free delivery (above a minimum order value) and other benefits.

What they care about

We focus on understanding what our customers want. We know this includes service that is reliable, trustworthy, and provides great value, particularly during tough times.

Wherever possible, we make decisions with our consumers top of mind, to offer them the best service on a neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood level. In response to customer demand we have extended our offer to include non-food. Our aim is to transform how people shop as well as eat by bringing more of their local neighbourhood to their door.

Why they matter to us

Consumers are the cornerstone of our marketplace. Ultimately, if consumers aren’t happy with the service we offer, they will place fewer orders, reducing partner revenues, rider earning opportunities and Company growth and profitability. That’s why we are consumer obsessed.

How we engage

  • Our consumer engagement programme has generated over 2 million pieces of feedback from consumers globally. This includes specific insight on whether they feel the order they have received represented good value for money, to improve our understanding of consumer value perception.
  • We have established the Roosearch Hub, our first high-tech lab, to enable our Research and Insights team to collect consumer insights.





Plus is our monthly subscription programme

Plus creates habit. Members pay a fixed monthly fee and get unlimited free delivery from all restaurant and grocery partners on orders meeting the minimum spend requirements. This creates real value for consumers and increases the frequency with which they transact with Deliveroo. 

Plus drives great value for consumers and increased loyalty to our platform. By increasing the affordability and value of the consumer delivery experience we are helping to unlock more online meal occasions.