Food delivery is a hyperlocal business. We think about our offer to consumers on a neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood level.

We have spent years working to understand what consumers want and establishing a proposition that can be adapted to appeal to every neighbourhood and consumer – from students, to professionals or families, and from city centres to suburbs, commuter belts and small towns. Everyone eats and Deliveroo has an offer that reflects what people across every neighbourhood want. 

Our proposition to consumers aims to always provide the best availability, selection, experience and value, whilst also building an emotional connection with our brand.




Delivering for local communities 

One thing that we keep front of mind is that consumers choose to order from Deliveroo. Our consumers build a connection with our brand and what we stand for.

Deliveroo riders, with their now famous teal backpacks and recognisable logo, have become part of the fabric of the local communities in which we operate. But just being recognised as a brand is not enough. We don’t just want to be seen in our communities; we want to be part of them.

The three sides of our marketplace live in and are part of their local communities. Our core business involves connecting people with food created by local restaurants via riders. Our riders have a recognisable physical presence in the towns and cities in which we operate, but we want to stand for more than convenience. We want to play our full role in the local communities that we connect. That is why we have worked with our partners and riders to deliver meals to healthcare workers and vulnerable families throughout the pandemic. We partner with leading charities to tackle hunger and homelessness. We run initiatives to support clean ups of local public spaces, such as parks and beaches, and we use our presence on the roads within communities to raise awareness of causes such as missing people.