Food delivery is a hyperlocal business. We think about our offer to consumers on a neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood level.

Value proposition

1. Availability

Being available when and where consumers want to order, to capture as many meal occasions as possible.

2. Selection

Providing access to local favourites and national chains, with exclusive content in every neighbourhood.

3. Consumer experience

Delivering a seamless end-to-end experience from in-app discovery to reliable delivery to customer care.

4. Price

Providing access to a range of food prices, fees and promotions to meet expectations of value.

5. Brand

Ultimately, consumers choose to order from Deliveroo, so what we stand for and our brand image are critical to that decision.

We unlock a wealth of choice for consumers, providing fast, reliable delivery of their most loved restaurant food and groceries, and helping them to discover new favourites. Our ever-increasing selection covers a wide range of cuisines and price options, with access to ~158,000 restaurant partner sites globally and ~18,000 grocery partner sites.

We are focused on improving the full range of the consumer experience: in-app search and discovery, ordering and tracking, fast reliable delivery, and responsive customer care. Our Plus subscription programme further enhances the value for consumers with free delivery and additional rewards.






Plus is our monthly subscription programme

Plus creates habit. Members pay a fixed monthly fee and get unlimited free delivery from all restaurant and grocery partners on orders meeting the minimum spend requirements. This creates real value for consumers and increases the frequency with which they transact with Deliveroo. 

Plus drives great value for consumers and increased loyalty to our platform. By increasing the affordability and value of the consumer delivery experience we are helping to unlock more online meal occasions.

Delivering for local communities 

Why they matter to us

Deliveroo is fundamentally a local company. We want to be more than a physical presence in the neighbourhoods in which we operate. We want to actively support local communities. This matters to our consumers, riders and merchants – so it matters to us. 

How we engage with local communities

Deliveroo uses our unique marketplace to support local communities. By partnering with local charities and community groups, we focus on what we know best – food – and help those in need to access free meals.

We provides our employees with a volunteer day – a paid day off to volunteer at a charity.

How we have supported local communities

Deliveroo is committed to helping tackle food insecurity in local communities. Through our consumer donations we have provided donations to the Trussell Trust equivalent to 2 million meals. In Ireland we launched a partnership with FoodCloud with the aim of providing up to 500,000 meals to people in need across Ireland. In Hong Kong we raised HK$2.2 million for Feeding Hong Kong. In Italy we partnered with UNICEF to provide free food to vulnerable children.

Across the majority of markets we have introduced an in-app donation feature, enabling our consumers to give to charity directly via the platform during their order journey.