On December 8 2021, Brussels Labour Court ruled that Deliveroo riders are self-employed.

Rodolphe Van Nuffel, spokesperson for Deliveroo Belgium, responded:

"The Labour Court has ruled that Deliveroo riders are self-employed. This is an important recognition that is in line with the legal interpretation we have always put forward regarding the way that riders wish to work with Deliveroo. This is good news for riders who appreciate the flexible work that Deliveroo offers. 

The Court pointed to a number of characteristics of the Deliveroo model that support the determination that riders’ work is independent. In particular, the Court highlighted the willingness of riders to provide independent services, the freedom they have to organise their own working hours and the absence of hierarchical power on the part of Deliveroo.

We now call on the Government to respect this precedent and bring platforms and platform workers together to meet the expectations of delivery drivers for flexible and secure work within a stable legal framework. It’s high time to start listening to riders themselves.”