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Deliveroo’s core strategy remains the same: focus first on neighbourhoods with the greatest profit potential and win them, neighbourhood by neighbourhood.

Deliveroo is a complex three-sided marketplace, involving consumers (an e-commerce destination), riders (an on-demand logistics business) and merchants (a demand generation platform). Bringing value to all three sides of the marketplace and balancing their interests – as well as those of our other stakeholders – is critical to Deliveroo’s success in the short, medium and long-term. Crucially, this needs to be done hyperlocally. A consumer in Hammersmith in West London does not care about the restaurant selection in Hampstead in North London or Hackney in East London and a typical restaurant or rider in Milan is not interested in demand or earning opportunities in Marseille or Manchester, Dublin or Dubai. And when it comes to profitability, hyperlocal network effects are paramount to drive higher gross profits. In our business, profit pool potential is a function of local population density, affluence, merchant supply and our local market share. Focusing first on the neighbourhoods with the greatest profit polor potential is critical. That is why looking at our business through a hyperlocal lens remains key to our strategy, both operationally and financially. 

Will Shu

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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FInancial highlights1



+14% vs 2021



+7%3 vs 2021
Gross transaction value (‘GTV’)

Gross profit2


9.4% as % of GTV
2021: £495m and 7.9%

Adjusted EBITDA2


(0.7)% as % of GTV
2021: £(100)m and (1.6)%

Loss before income tax2


vs £(282)m in 2021

Net cash


vs £1.3bn at end of 2021

1 Full discussion of statutory financials on pages 54 to 58.
2 From continuing operations. 
3 GTV growth rate shown in constant currency.

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Hello, I am delighted to be writing to you today, to update you on our progress as we report on our second year as a publicly listed company.

In last year’s report we set out our planned path to profitability, as well as expressing caution about the increased headwinds that consumers would face in the coming 12 – 18 months. It is clear that cost of living challenges have led to a difficult time for many of our consumers, riders and merchants and we have been very focused on managing the impact on all the participants in our marketplace, as well as on our wider stakeholders.    

The coming year will be focused on continuing to execute on our strategy and investing to drive forward our key growth initiatives as well as continuing on the path to achieving true profitability and positive cash generation. I am confident we have the opportunity, and the talented and committed teams that we need across the business to make this happen.

I would like to thank our employees, business partners, customers and shareholders for your continued support.

Claudia Arney


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Our Three-sided marketplace

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At Deliveroo we are committed to supporting our marketplace, being a part of the communities we serve and taking action to drive sustainability.

At Deliveroo, we are committed to supporting our marketplace, being a part of the communities we serve and taking action to drive sustainability. 

Alongside this commitment comes responsibility. 

We have a responsibility not just to understand and quantify the impact that our services have on people and the planet, but also to take action to ensure our impact is positive. 

This means taking steps to reduce the carbon emissions created by our own operations – which are in our direct control – as well as helping our merchants reduce the plastic waste, food waste and carbon emissions from their own operations. 

It also means taking direct steps to give our riders good and fair work, our consumers access to healthy food choices and our merchants the best opportunity to grow.

We started our sustainability journey in 2021 and last year set out the first steps in building a comprehensive sustainability strategy by identifying the six pillars that will guide our approach.

Deliveroo’s sustainability strategy

Six key pillars at the heart of our mission

1. Reaching net zero and reducing waste

Reducing our own direct emissions while supporting partners and consumers to reduce their own emissions and food and packaging waste.

2. Supporting merchants to grow and be more sustainable

Providing our merchants with new opportunities to grow revenues, increase brand value and maximise profit potential from online delivery, while supporting and enabling more sustainable behaviour.

3. Riding and thriving

Giving people the flexible work they value alongside the security they deserve, as well as attractive earning and learning opportunities.

4. Enabling healthier eating

Giving our consumers the best selection, availability and value in healthier choices, as well as the tools to help them make informed decisions about what to order.

5. Tackling food insecurity in our communities

Establishing the right partnerships in our communities to help to tackle food insecurity.

6. Building a diverse and inclusive company and marketplace

Creating a team of diverse talents where everyone feels at home within Deliveroo,
while supporting diversity, equity and inclusion across our marketplace.