Australia’s leading food delivery platforms have come together to strengthen safety practices across the industry by developing Australia’s first set of National Food Delivery Platform Safety Principles.

Developed in consultation with peak industry body Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) and food delivery platforms, the new Principles outline the high standards of practice that food delivery platforms have committed to implement, to ensure the ongoing safety of food delivery workers.
Food delivery platforms Deliveroo, DoorDash, Menulog and Uber Eats, have been working together alongside other industry experts to understand the challenges faced by platform workers and collectively commit to raising the standards for food delivery safety in Australia by implementing these Principles.  
The industry has played an active role in the work being done across state governments to enhance protections for delivery people, and to ensure that platforms are prioritising the safety of delivery people and consumers, to keep local communities safe.
Recognising that food delivery worker safety is paramount, leading platforms have come together to develop and launch the national Principles, which focus on training and information, delivery equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE), support, standards and policies, consultation, and incident reporting and investigation.

Quotes attributable to Australian food delivery platforms:

This is the first time that major food delivery platforms have come together on this nationwide, important issue and we are united in our approach to improving the safety for all those who use our platforms across Australia.


Our goal is to develop a framework which complements existing industry and government policies, and ensures that delivery people have the freedom to work safely and on-demand in the growing food delivery market.


Each platform has pledged to adopt and implement these standards, while continuing to raise the bar through their own individual initiatives, technology and research. Importantly, we will hold ourselves accountable to these standards, with a review facilitated by Ai Group, taking place annually.


Our collective mission is to keep delivery people safe on our roads and this framework has enabled us to align on a clear path forward.

The Principles reflect the Work, Health and Safety (WHS) duties that provide safety guardrails for delivery people and minimise risk for all those who use platforms, whether they are driving a car or riding a bicycle, e-Bike, scooter or motorbike.

The delivery platforms have all pledged to adopt, implement and hold themselves accountable to these standards, with the first annual review managed by AiGroup taking place on July 1 2022.

The new safety Principles have been endorsed by the Restaurant & Catering Industry Association.

Read the National Food Delivery Platform Safety Principles here



Key policy measures in the Food Delivery Principles include:

  • Training and information: Ensuring access to necessary training and information, including but not limited to; road safety guidelines and vehicle compliance, fatigue and impairment considerations, PPE use and delivery technology.
  • Delivery equipment and PPE: Making PPE readily accessible for delivery people, including but not limited to; high visibility clothing, bicycle equipment, motorbike and scooter safety gear; and ensuring all transport modes are registered.
  • Support, standards and policies: Identifying and mitigating risks where practicable, including but not limited to; the provision of insurance and injury policies, and using technology to manage road hazards, delivery loads, weather and fatigue.
  • Consultation: Identifying solutions for delivery people to be consulted on key risks and engaging organisations to advocate for safer infrastructure, including but not limited to; bicycle lanes, shared paths, drop-off and pick-up zones and street lighting.
  • Incident reporting and investigation: Ensure platforms are notified of incidents to enable appropriate investigations, inform additional control measures and ensure adequate reporting to the relevant WHS regulator as defined in legislation.
  • Administration: The Principles will be reviewed by the ‘administration committee’, chaired by Ai Group, and are subject to the participation of signatories who commit to upholding and complying with the Principles.  The signatories also commit to addressing any new opportunities to promote safety.


Ed McManus, CEO, Deliveroo Australia:
“The safety of riders and the public is of paramount importance to Deliveroo and as a founding signatory to the Principles we are underscoring this. We may be fierce competitors however, when it comes to safety we are all aligned that we must work together and put the safety of those who work in the food delivery platform industry above all else.”

Rebecca Burrows, General Manager, DoorDash Australia: 
“Food delivery workers deserve our absolute commitment to safety, and these Principles demonstrate the significant work underway by the online delivery platforms to improve safety and wellbeing in our growing industry. We’re eager to continue partnering with our industry peers and stakeholders, and further engage our Dasher community to advance safety for all delivery workers.” 

Morten Belling, Managing Director, Menulog ANZ:
“The safety of everyone using the Menulog network is our foremost priority and is one of the driving factors behind Menulog’s shift towards employment of couriers in Australia this year. We’re passionate about raising the bar for all couriers and helping drive minimum standards in the food delivery industry and as such, are proud to be a founding part of this industry-first in online food delivery safety.”

Matt Denman, General Manager, Uber Eats ANZ: 
“The safety of all those who use the Uber platform is fundamental and this year we have accelerated our product roadmap in support of safe delivery. We are proud to stand side by side with our industry, as a founding signatory of these Principles, as we further our commitment to raising the bar for Online Food Delivery safety.” 

Wes Lambert, CEO, Restaurant & Catering Association:
“Our 2020 benchmarking report showed that 41.1 percent of restaurant owners use a third-party delivery service. In a sign that these platforms will continue to play a significant role in our industry, 52.9 percent of respondents indicated that they expected delivery to play a similar or larger role in their business over the next 12 months. Rider safety must be a priority for everyone; restaurants, platforms and customers. These new Principles will help ensure more Australians have access to the food they love from their favourite restaurants.”