This Christmas, delivery service Deliveroo is supporting Oma’s Soep in its mission to eliminate loneliness among the elderly by appealing to its own (younger) target group.With an awareness campaign, Deliveroo shows the magic of connection during a joint dinner. The campaign is part of Deliveroo's global 'Full Life' programme to contribute to local initiatives. 

Connecting with 1,350 pots of Oma’s Soep

Besides raising awareness, Deliveroo also wants to activate its target group to visit an elderly person more often - at an appropriate distance and coronaproof, of course. To make it easier for them, they receive a pot of Oma’s Soep as a gift with one of the most ordered dishes on the platform, namely a pizza from De Pizzabakkers.* They can share the soup (and the pizza!) with an elderly person. For this campaign, Deliveroo bought a total of 1,350 pots of Oma’s Soep. At least half of the proceeds will go to organising social activities for lonely elderly people.

Loneliness among the elderly 

And that is badly needed, because more than half of the Dutch elderly (75+) are lonely. They are in need of contact. The younger target group (35-), who generally have a richer social life, are open to doing something about it by visiting an elderly person more often. This is apparent from research** by Deliveroo, who asked their supporters whether they would be prepared to do something to combat loneliness among the elderly. Young people do want this, they just don't know what to say.

Young and old together at the table: small effort, big difference

Deliveroo and Oma's Soep know like no other what both target groups can never stop talking about: delicious food. Therefore, the parties joined forces and put young and old at the table with various favourite dishes to share: enough food for a good conversation. In a video, they show how nice it is to have a bite to eat with an elderly person, and with a campaign they encourage viewers to do this more often themselves. 

* The promotion is valid at De Pizzabakkers on the Pizza Spinaci and the Pizza of the Month. With an order of one of these pizzas, you get a pot of Oma's Soup in tomato and basil for free. Participating locations are De Pijp, Haarlemmerdijk, Leliegracht, Amsterdam Noord, Overtoom, Plantage, Willemsparkweg, Copernicusstraat, Leidsche Rijn, Nachtegaalstraat, Twijnstraat, Voorstraat, Pannekoekstraat, Peppelweg, Haarlem, Arnhem and Nijmegen. The promotion is valid from 9 December to 23 December. As long as stocks last.
**Research by Panel Wizard, commissioned by Deliveroo, conducted in November 2021 among 774 young people (16 to 35 years).