Deliveroo chooses barePack to allow its customers to order in reusable packaging

  • barePack becomes an exclusive partner of Deliveroo to launch a reusable packaging scheme, free for restaurant partners
  • A subscription of 2 euros a month for customers, with up to 5 reusable containers available simultaneously

Deliveroo is investing in reducing single-use packaging and has chosen the French start-up barePack to offer its customers the opportunity to be part of a trial allowing them to order their meals in reusable monbento lunch boxes. 

This simple solution makes it possible to limit the use of single-use packaging in delivery and meets the expectations of a growing number of consumers who want sustainable options when they order. The barePack system allows customers to return the container(s) to any of the restaurants that are members of the barePack network, after simply rinsing it. The container is then professionally washed and returned to the circuit.

About sixty Deliveroo restaurant partners have already joined this project, as of the launch date. The experimentation is for the moment limited to Paris and its vicinity, but likely to be extended subsequently to new geographical areas in France. The Deliveroo and barePack teams will continue to promote this innovative solution in the coming weeks, to expand the customer base and partner restaurants.

The solution is free and without obligation for restaurants. It is even financially advantageous: barePack estimates the savings made by the restaurateur by not using disposable packaging at approximately 30 cents per order.

BarePack has already worked with Deliveroo in Singapore: the common service has been in existence since August 2020. 

This partnership materializes one of the commitments made by Deliveroo on February 15, 2021, in the Charter signed with Barbara Pompili, Minister for the Environment. Deliveroo had on this occasion announced its intention to conduct an experiment with reusable containers.

We are very happy to partner with barePack and implement their innovative and easy-to-use solution to reduce waste. Deliveroo is very invested in finding solutions to increase the sustainability of the delivery business and is delighted to conduct this pioneering experiment.

Melvina Sarfati El Grably

Managing Director of Deliveroo France

Partnering with Deliveroo is a major step in taking this positive impact model to a new scale. The fight against climate change is a superb opportunity to reinvent new uses and allowing zero-waste meal deliveries is precisely a very promising symbol of 'Tech for Good'.

Nicolas Piffeteau

Director of Operations of barePack in France

We are concerned about our impact on the environment, and barePack provides us with a solution to limit the use of disposable packaging. This allows us to offer our burgers for delivery without cutting back on our environmental ambitions.

Julia Couture

founder of Burger Theory

Finally, a major player in the delivery market is taking the initiative for a real eco-responsible approach.

Mélanie Erma

President of WAJ Californian Food

IN PRACTICE / How does it work?

After downloading the app and very simply creating a barePack account, the customer voluntarily subscribes, for 2 euros per month (or 19 euros per year against a one-year commitment), to the service.

This subscription allows him to have his dish delivered in a reusable monbento® container, and to use the service in several restaurants at the same time. The only limit? A single customer cannot have more than 5 containers simultaneously. Partner restaurants that adhere to this experiment are identified on the Deliveroo application by a barePack label, so that they can be easily found. A search filter also allows them to appear more easily for customers looking for a reusable container.

Once the dish is finished, the customer places the container in one of the restaurants that are members of the initiative, even if it is not the restaurant that supplied the dish. BarePack is responsible for rebalancing the surpluses and the needs of containers thanks to cargo bike logistics.

For its reusable containers, barePack relies on the French supplier monbento®, the benchmark for premium and made in France lunchboxes.  Their containers are compatible with dishwashers, microwaves, freezers, and can be reused at least 300 times. The Clermont-Ferrand company is historically a bento specialist and this year is developing a range intended for catering professionals and adapted to returnable container systems.
The beverage containers are made in Germany by Ornamin, which has the particularity of recovering end-of-life containers to recycle them and turn them into medical seats. monbento® and Ornamin containers are certified without BPA.