• In Dublin, customer orders have increased more than 140% on Deliveroo since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020
  • Burritos secure top spot as the most popular dish in Dublin households, yet many choose healthier options, with data showing a 69% increase in healthy food orders over the past year
  • More than 440 restaurants in Dublin have joined Deliveroo since the start of the pandemic, including favourites such as Mad Egg, Sprezzatura, Bujo, Jaipur, PI and All Bar Chicken
  • To facilitate the growth of the business, Deliveroo recently opened a new office in Dublin

Deliveroo has seen the number of customer orders in Dublin increase by more than 140% since the start of the pandemic, highlighting the continued popularity of getting your favourite restaurant dishes delivered to your door in as little as 30 minutes.

During this period, Burritos have secured the top spot as the most popular dish in Dublin households, closely followed by a Cheeseburger and Fries. Yet many people in Dublin have been choosing healthier preferences, this is evident from Deliveroo data which shows a 69% increase in the number of orders from healthy restaurants over the past year. A salad bowl is the top most ordered healthy dish, and smashed avocado is a consistent favourite. 
Deliveroo data also shows that the people of Dublin have been experimenting with more cuisines - American, Chinese and Japanese remain the most popular, whilst Greek food orders have increased over 150% over the past year. The increase in range of cuisines is unsurprising given that more than 440 new restaurants in Dublin joined Deliveroo’s platform since the start of the pandemic, including favourites such as Mad Egg, Sprezzatura, BuJo, Jaipur, PI and All Bar Chicken. 

To facilitate the growth of the business in Ireland, Deliveroo recently opened a new office in North Dock in Dublin with the team focusing on business development across Ireland. This is in addition to the more than 1,000 self-employed riders across the country that Deliveroo continues to work with.

Deliveroo is committed to supporting the growth of small and independent restaurants and throughout the pandemic they provided a vital lifeline to the hospitality industry in the city by helping many restaurants implement new delivery services to sustain their business. Some of its most popular Irish business partners in Dublin include Mexican Burrito Bar Boojum, Xian Street Food, Umi Falafel and Yeeros.

Owner of Yeeros, George Stamopoulos said:

“Deliveroo offers our business a great ready-made infrastructure with a fast and reliable delivery service while we focus on our core business: preparing authentic and delicious food. Ultimately, they help us reach more customers and allow us to offer them a better experience and service.”

Managing Director of Sprout & Co, Jack Kirwan said:

“Shifting to delivery has been essential to helping us to grow our revenue exponentially through the pandemic. Through Deliveroo's network, we were able to reach new customers and understand how our restaurants are performing. For us, they are the number one delivery partner in Dublin.”

Regional Manager of Deliveroo Ireland, Paddy Quinlan said:

“We are proud of our continued growth in Ireland and we remain committed to supporting our restaurant partners and the local community after delivering a vital service during the pandemic. We’re really excited to see what the future holds for us in Dublin, as we continue to expand and support our partners to meet growing customer demand across the city.”