Deliveroo to launch Signature:
You can order from restaurants’ websites

  • A new tech solution launches in Italy that allows customers to order directly from restaurants’ own online channels, using Deliveroo’s logistics network
  • Signature allows Deliveroo’s partner restaurants to integrate Deliveroo’s delivery service with their own websites and apps, extend their offer to customers and to deepen online customer relationships
  • In May the platform will launch in 6 new cities. Deliveroo’s expansion in Italy continues as does the number of restaurant partners.

Milan, 5th May 2021. Deliveroo has launched a new product, called "Signature". It was designed and built by Deliveroo and it’s the only of its kind in the UK, Europe and Asia.

On partner restaurants’ websites or apps, customers will find a customized interface with the restaurant logo, colors and brand, where they can order delivery. Customers order via the restaurants’ own channels, but the delivery is fulfilled by Deliveroo. This is an additional opportunity for partner restaurants, struggling with the effects of the pandemic, to reach more consumers, allowing restaurants to continue to take advantage of the delivery service and customer service provided by Deliveroo.

Partners already using Signature are Pokèria by NIMA (15 restaurants), Poke House (17 restaurants), Lievità (4 restaurants), I Love Poke (24 restaurants) and Nima Sushi (10 restaurants), in the following cities: Bergamo, Bologna, Brescia, Castelletto Ticino, Como, Cremona, Florence, Milan, Modena, Monza, Parma, Pavia, Rome, Seregno, Turin and Verona.

Specifically, this new technological tool gives restaurants the opportunity to:

  • Reach new customers: Deliveroo’s restaurant partners have the opportunity, through this new channel, to reach new consumers.
  • Strengthen customer relationships: using Signature restaurants have the opportunity to strengthen their relationship with consumers, interacting with them directly online. 
  • Improve the user experience: customers can order home delivery or take-away ("pick-up" function) through their favorite restaurants’ website or the App.

Deliveroo is the leading online food delivery platform. We want to become the definitive platform and we want to do it with the most advanced and effective technological services to support the growth of our restaurant partners and give our customers the best possible food delivery experience.

Matteo Sarzana

Deliveroo Italy GM

In May, 6 new cities will launch 
In addition to the launch of Signature, in May, Deliveroo continues to expand in Italy. There will be 6 new cities launched on the platform this month. In particular, the service will be available in Riccione in Emilia-Romagna, Nettuno and Anzio in Lazio, Ventimiglia in Liguria, Massa and Carrara in Tuscany.